Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Laputa Animation Film Festival: Part I

 The Laputa Animation Film Festival (named after the famous film by animator Hayao Miyazaki) was held during 2003 in Japan. 140 animators worldwide were asked to name their personal favorite 20 animated works (features, shorts, TV series). Based on this information 150 were chosen as the best cartoons from around the world.

This is a great list because it exposes Western audiences to a wide variety of films that they may have never seen or let alone heard of. It is very diverse and not limited to just listing popular anime, Disney movies, or Pixar films. So without further ado, here are the first 25 Best Animated Works:

(Yuri Norstein, RUSSIA /USSR, 1975)

(Yuri Norstein, RUSSIA /USSR, 1979)

(9 Disney directors, USA, 1940)

(Frédéric Back, CANADA, 1987)

 (Paul Grimault, FRANCE, 1953)

(Hayao Miyazaki, JAPAN, 1978, 26 eps.)

( Hayao Miyazaki, JAPAN, 1988)

(David Hand/Disney, USA, 1937)

(George Dunning, UK, 1968)

(Yugo Serikawa JAPAN, 1963)

 (Isao Takahata, JAPAN, 1968)

12. Crac! 
(Frédéric Back, CANADA, 1981)

(Dave Fleischer, USA, 1941)

(Nick Park, UK, 1993)

(Kenzo Masaoka, JAPAN, 1943)

(Hayao Miyazaki, JAPAN, 1984)

(Lev Atamanov, RUSSIA/USSR, 1957)

(Norman McLaren,CANADA, 1955)

(Hayao Miyazaki, JAPAN, 1986)

(Hayao Miyazaki, JAPAN, 1979)

(Jan Svankmajer, CZECHOSLAVAKIA/USSR, 1982)


(Alexander Alexeieff & Claire Parker, CZECHOSLOVAKIA/USSR, 1959)

                                                     24. Night on Bald Mountain 
(Alexander Aléxeieff /Claire Parker, FRANCE, 1933)

25. Dojoji Temple  
(Kihachiro Kawamoto, JAPAN, 1976)