Thursday, January 17, 2013

How I Judge Films

To make reviews more helpful, I have added a film rating system guide on the reviews tab. Films (and other media) shall be judged as followed:

5/5: A masterpiece! Perfection of film / animation as an art form.
4.5: A truly wonderful movie. Be sure not to miss it.
4/5: A good, decent well rounded movie. May have a few flaws.
3.5: It's not perfect, but certainly not bad either. If you are curious, it's worth checking out.
3/5: Give it or take. A harmless movie, but perhaps a bit too flawed or forgettable.
2.5: An uneven film. Very flawed. May have a few redeeming scenes or leave one wishing for more.
2/5: A bad movie. Boring, borderline offensive, or just plain stupid.
1.5: A really bad movie. It is a chore to watch. In fact, you might leave half way through.
1/5: An unbearably awful train wreck of a film. Avoid at all costs!
0.5: I can only pray that I never shall review a film this horrible.