Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Won't Disney Release The Sweatbox?

The Sweatbox was a documentary released in 2002 by Sting's wife. Sting was hired by Disney to write music for The Kingdom of the Sun in 1997. Due to prolonged production, the film went under a complete overhaul. It's original storyline and Sting's songs were scrapped and the movie became The Emperor's New GrooveThe Sweatbox may be a bit of a controversial film to the studio because it does not always portray it glamorously. However, it is a very honest film and it gives insight into the struggles Disney's animators faced at the end of the Animation Renaissance.

Concept art for The Kingdom of the Sun by Paul Felix.

Fortunately, I managed to download The Sweatbox onto my computer before Disney removed the film from the internet. Normally, I don't do these sort of things, but if big companies like Disney refuse to release an important film like this one, then we must circulate the tapes! Below is a small clip from the film showing Eartha Kitt's deleted song. (For those curious, you can read more about the documentary here.)

Admit it, Eartha Kitt was awesome.